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The Property and the Organizers:
In 1985 a group of sportsmen leased a large piece of property in Woodland Township, Burlington County, to  use as a bird-hunting club.   The original 25 members began hunting operations that Fall.  Over the ensuing years, the membership gradually evolved, but the core group of organizers remained and provided direction and stability. 

Improvement of the Property:  The organizers and members did a great deal of work on the property to improve it as an upland-hunting venue.  They engaged woodcutters to clear fields, which they then burned and  planted in food and cover crops.  They built a network of stocking roads to make more of the property accessible and to spread out the birds and the hunters.  A professional forester was engaged to assist in planning the future of the property and obtaining special status such as U.S. Forest Stewardship Tree Farm, Farmland Tax Assessment, and Woodland Township/Pinelands forest improvement programs.  


Attempts to Purchase the Property:  With such an investment in time, effort and money there was always a concern about the potential loss of the property.  The organizers explored purchasing the property for many years - without success. Finally, in the Fall of 2001, the landowner agreed to sell.    


Purchase of the Land and Formation of the Wild Wings Hunt Club: With the purchase of the land, the organizers dissolved the former club and formed the Wild Wings Hunt Club to accept members through the sale of “membership shares” similar to a Country or Golf Club. They incorporated as “Wild Wings Hunt Club, Inc.”, drafted By-Laws to govern the Club’s operations, and applier for and obtained a Commercial Preserve License. In the Fall of 2001, Wild Wings was in full-scale operation with many of the members of the original club as well as a number of new members. 



The Future of the Club:  The organizers and founders of Wild Wings are also members of Wild Wings.  They provide the land and decades of experience as the Officers of Wild Wings.   Although Wild Wings is run by its elected Officers, the continued active involvement of its membership assures quality hunting opportunities and smooth operations.

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